Ranveer Singh Visits Abu Dhabi | One summer isn't enough

Visit Abu Dhabi

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Welcome to spectacular summer in Abu Dhabi, where 'One Summer Isn't Enough' to explore this vibrant city's countless wonders!

Take it from Indian icon, Ranveer Singh, there's simply too much to do in Abu Dhabi! From sun-kissed beaches and mesmerising cultural attractions to world-class shopping and dining experiences, every moment is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

With our irresistible offers, cooling off in the shimmering Arabian Gulf or relaxing at our luxurious hotels and resorts has never been more enjoyable. So, prepare yourself for a summer vacation like Ranveer and experience the magic of Abu Dhabi! You'll be counting the days until your return.

Find out more: https://visitabudhabi.ae/en/campaign/summer-india

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